Structuring & Setup

Mill City can assist in starting a new Fund or incorporating a new loan type into an existing investment mandate. We can assist with facilitating warehouse lines, conducting aggregation reviews with rating agencies, ensuring proper due diligence scope with vendors, and ensuring that MLPAs and other trade document representations and warranties are suitable for your desired loan type and execution. With our extensive network of vendor and legal contacts, Mill City ensures that you work with the right firm for your asset class, while remaining mindful of fees.

  • Structuring assistance (onshore/offshore investors, trust structure, licensing)
  • Customized trade documentation (purchase/sale agreements, trade confirmations, etc.)
  • Key vendor database (third-party review/diligence firms, servicers, property valuation firms, credit score/monitoring services, loan management platforms and title companies)
  • Guidance on leverage/warehouse/securitization market trends for key terms and metrics in new agreements.
  • Law firm roster by specialization (financing, structuring, fund creation, servicing, originations, and compliance)