Structuring & Setup

  • Structuring assistance (onshore/offshore investors, trust structure, licensing)
  • Customized trade documentation (purchase/sale agreements, trade confirmations, etc.)
  • Key vendor database (third-party review/diligence firms, servicers, property valuation firms, credit score/monitoring services, loan management platforms and title companies)
  • Guidance on leverage/warehouse/securitization market trends for key terms and metrics in new agreements.
  • Law firm roster by specialization (financing, structuring, fund creation, servicing, originations, and compliance)

Transaction Management

  • Trade process management
  • Diligence – ordering / condition clearing
  • Perfecting data sets
  • Settlement – including working with warehouse lenders
  • EPD/EPO monitoring and enforcement
  • Servicing onboarding/transfers

Loan Sourcing

  • Bulk or flow trades with originator partners
  • Guideline/program creation
  • Loss adjusted yield cash flow modeling

Asset Management

  • Servicer oversight
  • Servicer data reporting
  • Ongoing AML / OFAC checks
  • Loss mitigation/foreclosure oversight
  • Monthly portfolio reporting